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 Playback allows you to create a voice recording for later playback to callers. This object also functions as a text-to-speech utility.


The information to be entered for this object is:

The name of the Playback object.


An option to record/upload an audio message or use the text-to-speech utility for creating a voice message.

The text-to-speech option allows you to enter text that will be converted into speech. Over forty different languages are currently supported, and auto-fill fields (caller's name, caller’s number and called number) are included so as to provide additional important details.

Firstly, select the language into which the entered text should be converted prior to playback.

You are required to enter a text message that will be converted to speech. Note the availability of optional auto-fill fields.

If you wish to create a voice recording for later playback, select the “Audio Message” option. You are given the option of creating a new recording, or uploading an existing voice message.

In order to record a message, follow the simple instructions shown. On completion of your recording, the message will be automatically uploaded to the phone server.


Alternatively, a voice message file in .mp3 or .wav format may be uploaded.

Once the voice message has been recorded or uploaded, its length in seconds will be displayed on the right-hand side of the configured Playback object. To play the message back, click the arrowhead icon seen on the message timeline.


A usage example for the Playback object is shown below, where a voice message is played to the caller, following which the call is passed to a Person object (“Mike Brown”) for further processing.


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