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The Notification object is used to provide alerts via SMS or email when a specified event occurs. For example, you may wish to be notified via SMS when a caller joins a conference or when a fax is received.

The information to be entered for this object is:

The name of the Notification object.


The notification method (either email or SMS).


For notifications via email, a valid email address must be entered.

Customized text for the notification email or SMS may be entered (up to a maximum of 300 characters), with auto-fill fields (caller's name, caller’s number and called number) available so as to provide additional important notification details. These fields are inserted into the text by clicking on the required auto-fill field.


For notifications via SMS, a valid phone number must be entered in E.164 format:


The country code is 1-3 digits long, while the city/area code and local number length can vary. Some examples of phone numbers in E.164 are 14162223333 for Toronto, Canada and 60321345678 for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Please note that any notifications sent via SMS will be automatically billed at a rate equivalent to two minutes of voice calls according to your pricing plan.

A simple usage example of the Notification object is shown below. Calls made to any of  the Phone Number objects are forwarded to the conference room, with notifications being automatically issued each time a participant joins the conference.


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