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Support & Customer Service

Helpdesk 100 Business operates 24 x 7 – and so do we...


Handility For Business

Handility designed a client-driven, proactive approach to supporting our customers.

Our commitment to service, ability to execute and go to extra lengths in order to resolve any issue is what sets us apart. By providing multiple communication channels and customisable online tools, our customers have full visibility and support for their Handility Products.

We are always open for improvement suggestions. If you don't see a support feature you desire, simply drop us a line.


Service 50 24 x 7 x 365 Live Support

We recognise that technology alone does not provide outstanding products and services.
Smart, Innovative, Empowered people hold the key to success for our clients and their projects. Our staff consist of systems admins, web design professionals and engineers, along with expert business consultants and sales & marketing trainers.

Handility customers have access to live 24 x 7 x 365 Tier 1 support, as well as a maximum of 24 hour turnaround time for a Tier 2 or Tier 3 support issue or question. 

Customers can contact us via phone, email or online chat – whatever’s most convenient.

Our support teams maintain dedicated run-books and architecture diagrams for your solution so you never interact with someone who is unfamiliar with your needs. 90% of the time, the support expert who responds to your query will be the one who resolves your issue quickly and efficiently. 


Tools 50 Customer Portal

Handility provides customers with a robust, yet intuitive and simple set of monitoring and management tools that are available through the Client Portal.
With one-click control, customers can provision, monitor and manage services, domains, firewalls and other settings. Our Customer Portal is also tied directly into our ticketing system which helps accelerate the resolution of complex issues.


User 50 "My Account" is a Billing &Services and General Support Portal.
It can be accessed by clicking on the "My Account" tab.


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