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UK Mobile Numbers +44 7 - "London Calling" anywhere you go in the world...


"London Calling" is naturally an awesome album by the British punk group The Clash, but there is more to this story…

You can now have your own London calling experience even while you’re on the read… anywhere in the world using our cloud phone system.

Thanks to our ever-expanding offer and stable virtual number platform, you can now get an affordable UK mobile telephone number in the format of +44 7.

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The current cell/mobile networks in the UK include Three, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin, Lebara, Tesco, GiffGaff & Lycamobile, however the Handility number is vendor-neutral (not locked in to any provider).

Uk Calling 44 7 Virtual Number





  • Transfer out
    All Mobile numbers can be ported to any UK network on Pay as you go or on contract!
    Have a mobile number than your customs will remember.

  • Transfer in

Handility does support incoming transfers of numbers (porting). Please visit our dedicated porting page.


Dialing instructions and pre-fixes


To call London (or in fact any UK number) from overseas, you need to first dial the international prefix (for example 011 from the United States, 00 from Australia, + or 00 from within Europe etc…)

Next you add the country code which is 44 for the UK. Please remember to skip the zero if dialling a UK number. The same is true for mobile numbers in the UK that start with 02, as well as 07.


England Mobile Phone NumberSo to call a Handility mobile number 07123 456 1234 from the US you would dial 011  44  7123 456 1234.

Why would you need to purchase a UK mobile number and why is a virtual mobile number better and more flexible?

In simplest terms, you get the flexibility of a mobile phone with the power or a fully featured cloud phone system.


Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Businesses

Every business is about customer service and you the opportunity to get that one step closer to your audience by having a presence in United Kingdom for your business or website. It does not have to cost a fortune either, it is one of the cheapest ways you can stay in touch with customers or potential clients in United Kingdom. 


You can use it for personal communication with friends and family. 

You’re your friends and family to call you on directly. Best of all the number always comes with you, so you can forward all the calls made on the United Kingdom phone number to Handility Phone.Systems mobile app, Gtalk or VOIP free of charge (you just pay start per minute charges if the forwarding is made to a traditional PSTN)


Travellers, Students and anyone who does wish to pay roaming charges

Buy a number from us and forward the calls to wherever you’d like. 

Let’s say you are frequently travelling to United Kingdom and had family in Brazil, with simply one UK number and one local DID in Brazil, you may use your mobile phone and never pay roaming charges again.

Another example would be you are doing a semester abroad in Sydney, Australia,  while your family and friends are back in London, England. You can have your friends and family call you on a local UK number while you pick up in Sydney, 

You can also use your local Sydney number for anyone to reach you.

Remember, If you travel a lot, then you can edit all of your phone numbers to always dial the full international code wherever you are in the world.


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