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As a small business owner, how to best use my phone to drive more sales and have satisfied customers?


Everything Mobile

Handility Blog PostIn today’s world, communication seems to be instant. No one likes to wait for anything, especially when it comes to running and accessing their business. Customers also need an instant response and often a web form or chat, despite being good is not good enough. This amazing demand has created an entirely different section of industry: mobile business. And the truth of the matter is, with over 55% of all Internet usage being done on mobile devices now, small businesses need to make the shift if they want to continue to grow and succeed.

Having a mobile friendly website is a must and folks at Gazelle.Host can certainly help with that, but at some point during the client decision making process, they just want to dial a number and talk to someone. This is where a small business cloud phone system comes in very handy.


Types of Mobile Communication (internal and external / inbound + outbound)

The use of cloud based phone systems in businesses has increased the amount and quality of communication that happens between employers, employees, and customers. Time is saved and issues are dealt with faster, more efficiently and with a great ability to keep track of records and produce business analytics. Phones and handheld devices give employers the opportunity to video chat and conference in with employees, anywhere and at any time. Interoffice communication no longer needs to be contained to the office, which gives a unique flexibility to businesses that employ mobile communication. Multiple office locations (including across boarders) use to require multiple phone systems and expensive international calling plans, calling cards and voice rates. This is history, with services like, business voice communication is in the cloud and it is there to stay.



Mobile Social Media

Mobile technology and internet phone systems aren’t just about communicating with employees. Mobile phone apps, like Twitter and Facebook, have linked businesses with their consumers in new and exciting ways. Now, the target audience of businesses can be directly contacted, completely opening your business for reviews and referrals (this is a blessing but can also be a curse if you business has some catching up to do in the customer service department). 

Through these and other social media, business can learn exactly what their audience wants, needs, or even dislikes.

While phones offer businesses a direct link to their consumers, they’re also useful in daily office work spaces. Phones can be networked to allow easy access to all the information on the office computers. This can be beneficial when presentations need to be made or when collaborating is needed. Cloud based Hosted Voice systems allow for receiving and making calls to and from ANY device – Mobile phone, desktop, tablet, softphone (SIP phone) etc…


Phone Marketing

Marketing through mobile phones and phone technology has become an increasingly popular business technique. Now advertisements can be sent directly to consumers and apps can be created that constantly update and inform customers about changes. The best part about this type of marketing is that it’s very personalized and targeted, so that the marketing budget is utilized to its full potential. This includes mobile apps, SMS marketing, follow up calls and much more.


Mobile Commerce 

Mobile devices are also used for mobile commerce (or m-commerce). This is when a wide range of commercial transactions take place on a phone, such as purchasing, billing, ticketing, and couponing. For example, if a consumer has an app for a business or an affiliate business, when a coupon is sent to that consumer, the chances of them using the business increases. 

This is also true of the billing process in mobile commerce. In fact, businesses who allow their consumers to pay and purchase through their phones have found it increases customer retention. Starbucks is a prime example for how the system works. Coffee lovers place money on an account that can only be accessed by their phone. When they purchase something from Starbucks, the barista simply scans the unique barcode on the customers’ phone. All that billing information is then stored in the app, for easy access, and Starbucks also tracks how much the app is used and rewards the consumer when they’ve used the app a certain number of times. 


What's the real take-home lesson?

All in all, opportunities of using mobile devices for your business are really quite limitless, but the important take-home message is that having a mobile phone and giving out your mobile number is simply not enough.

How good is you mobile number advertised to your clients if you are simply too busy to answer or are not capable of truly engaging every time?

Hosted Cloud Based System gives you the ability to direct calls to right medium, call out to multiple devices at the same time, receive faxes and voice message directly to your email, serve your customers with instant voice menus (for example… about your policies or opening hours)

The other advantage is scalability and cost saving, but let’s talk about this in another blog post.


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