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+52 country code additions... Viva México!

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Handility VOIP platform already serves all of the communication needs of our users. We are currently expanding to Mexico and will reach into Latin America even further over the next months. For as little as $5 a month you can buy a monthly subscription and start reaching out. You can also invest as little as $29 per an unlimited monthly plan which not only covers Mexico, but also most of South American area codes and many more countries all over the world.

VOIP phone service is your best choice for long distance to and from Mexico.

Viva Mexico Voip


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UK Mobile Numbers +44 7 - "London Calling" anywhere you go in the world...

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"London Calling" is naturally an awesome album by the British punk group The Clash, but there is more to this story…

You can now have your own London calling experience even while you’re on the read… anywhere in the world using our cloud phone system.

Thanks to our ever-expanding offer and stable virtual number platform, you can now get an affordable UK mobile telephone number in the format of +44 7.

Get yours today, check out our range of UK numbers

The current cell/mobile networks in the UK include Three, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin, Lebara, Tesco, GiffGaff & Lycamobile, however the Handility number is vendor-neutral (not locked in to any provider).

Uk Calling 44 7 Virtual Number


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Skype Gets the Bug Too...

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Skype Bug 2015

Just a week after a bug was found on Apple iPhone’s Messages on which a specific set of characters make the application crash, another giant social communications application gets the flu. This time, it’s Microsoft’s Skype. And it not only affects the Windows version, but also the iOS and Android varieties. The bug was first discovered by users who posted it on Skype’s support forums. It was then tested and confirmed by VentureBeat’s editors.


Messages Bug vs Skype Bug

At least, crashing iPhone’s Messages application was a little more complex as it requires sending 8 particular characters from the Arabic alphabet. Nonetheless, that malicious message prevented the affected iPhone from receiving texts and sometimes even crashing the phone entirely because Apple’s iOS did not know what to do with these Unicode characters. And publishing it first on Reddit didn’t really help as it spread like wildfire, enticing people to play pranks on their friends’ iPhones. 

Apple has published a quick fix and it included instructing the Siri application to read the unread messages and replying to the problematic message. Apple also recommended the obvious thing to do which is to delete the message once a user receives it.

Fix Skype Ios 2015The bug in Skype, on the other hand, can render the Skype client application unusable just by sending a simple “http://:”, quotes not included. On the Windows version, it crashes the sender’s Skype client and kills the application on the receiving end. Android and iOS Skype clients are affected only if they are the ones on the receiving end. At the moment, the Mac version of Skype is not affected by the bug either as a sender or recipient. 

The fix for this Skype bug came the day after the issue was discovered and update downloads were quickly made available. Skype acknowledged the bug in their community blog and announced the downloadable patches for the different platforms where Skype download is currently available. Versions 7.5, 5.13, and 5.4 for Windows, iOS, and Android, respectively, are available for download. Skype also updated the Mac version to 7.7 to prevent future issues.


Who’s Next?

Seems like the bug is finding its way to the major social communications applications and it might only be a matter of time before it also hits Facebook, WhatsApp, or Tinder and there seems to be no way of preventing it until it hits. Some companies use one of more of these mediums in their corporate communications and bugs like the ones found in Apple iPhone’s Messages and Microsoft’s Skype can render these applications useless. 

Some hackers might even find a way to capitalize on these bugs and compromise the security of the sender or recipient’s computer or mobile device. The possibilities are actually endless and scary at the same time, and all it takes are a few characters that the communications software does not understand.


A More Viable Option

It might be a good time to invest in a more secure, more private, and probably more robust communications infrastructure like what Handility offers. It’s essentially a PBX system over cloud so it eliminates the hassles of wires and geographical limitations of PSTNs with the added security of data encryption.


Handility Icon

Handility can scale from the personal user, to the small business, to large multinational companies, according to the requirements. The client can be installed on Android devices or iPhones, and acts as mobile extension of the company’s phone system. Setup is as fast as 5 minutes and users can start communicating right away using Handility’s secure cloud. Their services are also available on competitive and reasonable prices starting from $0.03 per minute or $29 for unlimited domestic and international calls.


Do I buy a phone system (PBX) outright or set-up a cloud based solution?

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Good Question! Even though I cannot fully answer it in this post, at least I would like to outline the main pro's and con's, definitions and considerations...

First, let's look at some definitions, what's a phone? Just kidding, but what is a Phone System?
An automated, smart operator that directs calls to the right person, location at the right time and give callers additional options to answer their questions quickly. That's pretty clear, right? Then what is a cloud Phone system?


Cloud Phone System

Cloud PbxAlso called Virtual PBX, Hosted PBX, essentially takes the costly hardware and software from your office location and puts them in a 24/7 data center. The connection between your phone handset or other devices and the system is now established in a secure way, ensuring uptime, speed and subsequently voice quality.
Is it safe? Yes, the same way hosting your company website is safe on a web server, rather than your computer
Is it reliable? Yes, as long as the Data Center and the data connection are reliable.

So why invest in the Cloud? Because of Scaleability and Cost.

The solution will be at least 10 times cheaper on average and will essentially grow with your growing business needs.

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As a small business owner, how to best use my phone to drive more sales and have satisfied customers?

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Everything Mobile

Handility Blog PostIn today’s world, communication seems to be instant. No one likes to wait for anything, especially when it comes to running and accessing their business. Customers also need an instant response and often a web form or chat, despite being good is not good enough. This amazing demand has created an entirely different section of industry: mobile business. And the truth of the matter is, with over 55% of all Internet usage being done on mobile devices now, small businesses need to make the shift if they want to continue to grow and succeed.

Having a mobile friendly website is a must and folks at Gazelle.Host can certainly help with that, but at some point during the client decision making process, they just want to dial a number and talk to someone. This is where a small business cloud phone system comes in very handy.


Types of Mobile Communication (internal and external / inbound + outbound)

The use of cloud based phone systems in businesses has increased the amount and quality of communication that happens between employers, employees, and customers. Time is saved and issues are dealt with faster, more efficiently and with a great ability to keep track of records and produce business analytics. Phones and handheld devices give employers the opportunity to video chat and conference in with employees, anywhere and at any time. Interoffice communication no longer needs to be contained to the office, which gives a unique flexibility to businesses that employ mobile communication. Multiple office locations (including across boarders) use to require multiple phone systems and expensive international calling plans, calling cards and voice rates. This is history, with services like Handility.com, business voice communication is in the cloud and it is there to stay.


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How to Completely Eliminate Roaming Charges?

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This is one of the most revolutionary features of Handility.

We all know that when traveling abroad mobile phone roaming charges can be very high. Receiving and placing calls doesn't feel as easy as when at home. With Handility phone number as part of our service you can eliminate roaming charges in over 60 countries

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Before leaving for your trip order a virtual telephone number in the country of your current residence.

  2. In our web-based virtual telephone number management system, assign a temporary telephone number as the destination for incoming calls.

  3. Right before leaving for your trip, configure your mobile phone to forward all incoming calls to your new virtual telephone number. You are free to make this configuration either by yourself or ask your mobile phone provider for assistance.

  4. Once you've arrived at your destination, purchase a local SIM card and insert it into your mobile phone.

  5. In our web-based virtual telephone number management system, replace the temporary number you have assigned earlier with the number of your new SIM card number

  6. That's it! You are now able to place and receive calls without any roaming charges. Incoming calls will be charged at a low per-minute rate (see our forwarding rates) and outgoing calls will be made from your local SIM at affordable rates charged by the local provider.



  • Testimonial1

    Great product. Great service. I havent had issues with support. Its plug and play and simple to setup. No landline phones for two years now. VOIP is the only way to go!

    John Karterados, Boutique Clothing Store Owner, Member since Jan 2015

  • Testimonial2

    Being able to reuse our current office phones was a big one for us, and Handility offered us one of the best solutions in this regard. Hooking different people up to the system so they can set up their smartphone and office phone as they want works great and made all of our lives easier. The online faxing is a welcome extra to us since we never had a fax before but sometimes suppliers request us to send or our orders through fax.

    Jane Chi, Consultant working with clients Worldwide, Member since mid 2014

  • Testimonial3

    Very glad I committed to the Handility solution. I’ve been without a traditional phone line for three years (owning just an Android phone), but looked back at a few options to get a local number again. Now I’m using the Handility mobile app, got a Voip phone as well for home and just started using their App. I used another service before but they were lacking in technology and they were more expensive. These guys are top notch. I’ve recommended them to my brother (who’s self employed) and to my best friend, who started a HVAC company. 

    Jerry, Warehouse Manager, Member since Oct 2014

  • Testimonial4

    It is a breath of fresh air to be able to set up a professional recording, voice forwarding, interactive menus, fax to email, voicemail to email etc - all for under 10 bucks per month. For a start-up like ours this just makes sense.

    Monica, Online Store Start-up owner, Member since March 2015

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