What is Handility?

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What is Handility?

Handility 100A powerful, yet easy to use cloud based phone system and access to local and global numbers. 

The system allows you to free yourself from the limitations of traditional telephony and become seamless and globally connected. 

There is no equipment to purchase, maintain or upgrade, and our unlimited inbound and outbound calling plans eliminate long distance charges and billing from third party phone companies.
You can chose to maintain a pay-as-you-go plan at incredible low rates, starting from 3 cents per minute.


Cloud Phone System 50Configure Handility Phone System, talk and receive calls

Our flagship product is actually completely free and comes with any phone number or monthly plan purchase. We think that is truly revolutionary!

The phone system can be easily configured via our unique web interface, with drag-and-drop objects being logically connected together to define the operation of your phone system. No special skills or training are required. You are literally 5 minutes away from running a sophisticated system to handle incoming calls from clients or friends.
Read more about our phone system here...

Why use Handility self-managed hosted pbx? 

Phone System 50Make instant changes to your phone system easily, avoid servicing costs, take control of your phone. Use for personal or business calls.

Payments 50 No contracts or minimum monthly spend. Pay-as-you-go for outgoing calls as low as 3 cents per minute, as low as $5 per month for a dedicated local access number.

Quick 50No connection/disconnection fees. Easy signup, secure payment and instant activation. Ability to quickly add new numbers

Cloud Ok 50 Full access to self-managed features. Cloud-based, always-on system. Stop paying for tech support every time you need a small change in your answering system or voice messages.

International 50Be local or go global. Own a local number, or go global with multiple local or national numbers to reach new markets or local audiences.


How to handle the local access number?

A local number (also called a DDI in Europe and sometimes referred to as a virtual number) may be forwarded by our infrastructure to:

Pstn 30  Conventional PSTN (Plain Old Telephone System) devices. Check out our low call rates (new window)

Smartphone In 30 Mobile phones, Check out our low call rates (new window). A call can also be picked up for free, using our app.

Voip 30 VOIP (Voice over IP). Use your existing provider, or check out this list (new window)

Google 30 Google Talk  (GTalk) anywhere in the world. Forwarding to Google Talk is free.

Cloud Phone System 30 Handility Cloud Phone System (auto-response, virtual receptionist). More about our system here (new window) 

 Macos 30  Android 30 IOS and Android apps.


Give it a try...

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Select virtual number location

Select forwarding destination

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I'm an individual user. Is Handility for me?

I am a small business. Why should I sign up?

We are a larger organization. Will Handility work for us?

I am an IT & Telecom Provider. Can I resell Handility?

What are some features of the Control Panel? How do I use it?

How to use Handility while travelling and eliminate roaming charges?

How to use any device as a business phone with Handility?

How to manage your account from your mobile?

How to make and receive calls using Handility?

What are Handility's calling rates to traditional phone lines?

Which type of user are you?

Whether you just a number for your friends or family to call or you need a robust system for a call centre, Handility has you covered.


Individual User

Incoming calls to the assigned phone number are directed to a Person (for example YOU) The calls are forwarded to the configured contact numbers ("Office" and "Mobile") in the defined sequence. If the call is not answered, then that call is directed to voice mail. The caller leaves a message that is sent to specified e-mail address.

Small Business

Instead of an answering machine tape, phone bills, and tons of wires, a cloud phone system is stored digitally. This makes it less expensive and easy to use. Because of this, it improves the way businesses operate.

Larger Organization

Take advantage of all advanced function, Internal extension numbers, Free calls between locations, Transferring of calls between internal numbers, Incoming call queues and menu systems, Different call handling for after hours or holidays and many more options and tools.

Pricing Options

Easy and transparent pricing, No lock-in contracts. All plans come with our award winning drag-and-drop Virtual Phone System Panel.

Local Number +
Price per month
Local number in your area
Tollfree numbers available
Rates per minute from $0.03
Unlimited users
Drag & drop setup
Mobile & Desktop app
Free call forwarding
No lock-in contracts
Additional Discounts up to 50%
Price per month
Available with local and tollfree number
Unlimited local and international calls
Business grade quality, best value
Unlimited users
Drag & drop setup
Mobile & Desktop app
Free call forwarding
No lock-in contracts
Additional Discounts up to 30%


  • Testimonial1

    Great product. Great service. I havent had issues with support. Its plug and play and simple to setup. No landline phones for two years now. VOIP is the only way to go!

    John Karterados, Boutique Clothing Store Owner, Member since Jan 2015

  • Testimonial2

    Being able to reuse our current office phones was a big one for us, and Handility offered us one of the best solutions in this regard. Hooking different people up to the system so they can set up their smartphone and office phone as they want works great and made all of our lives easier. The online faxing is a welcome extra to us since we never had a fax before but sometimes suppliers request us to send or our orders through fax.

    Jane Chi, Consultant working with clients Worldwide, Member since mid 2014

  • Testimonial3

    Very glad I committed to the Handility solution. I’ve been without a traditional phone line for three years (owning just an Android phone), but looked back at a few options to get a local number again. Now I’m using the Handility mobile app, got a Voip phone as well for home and just started using their App. I used another service before but they were lacking in technology and they were more expensive. These guys are top notch. I’ve recommended them to my brother (who’s self employed) and to my best friend, who started a HVAC company. 

    Jerry, Warehouse Manager, Member since Oct 2014

  • Testimonial4

    It is a breath of fresh air to be able to set up a professional recording, voice forwarding, interactive menus, fax to email, voicemail to email etc - all for under 10 bucks per month. For a start-up like ours this just makes sense.

    Monica, Online Store Start-up owner, Member since March 2015

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Sign up in 3 easy steps

Select virtual number location

Select forwarding destination

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Destination details